Friday, May 29, 2015

me made may 2015 round up days 19-24

We're nearing the end of Me Made May 2015, and I'll be both relieved to finish, and sad to see it come to an end!

So, before I finish off the month, let me recap days 19-24 for you ...

Day 19 : tea leaves cardigan + (favorite) charlotte's web shawl 
Day 20 : catnap bess tunic + sharktooth shawl 
Day 21 : hourglass sweater + radiant orchid streak cowl 
Day 22 : hand-dyed, handknit socks (+ mystery scarf that day)
Day 23 : flannel hemlock tee + scrollwork hat + wintertime bandit scarf
Day 24 : sheep hemlock tee + clapotis scarf

I'll be updating those hemlock tees soon ... ;)

My next MMM check-in will be the last of this month, and I'll have a lot to say at the end of this experience of all handmade wearables in the month of May!  See you then --

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Staple Dress #1 : bikes !

I finished a dress in Me Made May -- a Staple Dress, in fact!

I am so excited to add this dress to my repertoire. I bought the pattern ages ago ... like, at least a year ago, but maybe two?? ... and it was one of the motivations that I had to start making my own things.  I am embarrassed that it took this long to make the dress -- because it's quick, and awesome!  I can see why there are so many of them out there in the blogosphere.

I used an inexpensive quilting cotton to try this pattern out.  I'm glad I did, though I don't think I'll make many serious changes next time I made this.  I do think that I'd like to try the hi-low hem in a different fabric, but I'm also pretty happy with the straight hem in a quilting cotton.  I see the possibilities ahead of me ...

This is the dress equivalent of the scout tee, or the everyday skirt ... which means I'll end up making somewhere between three and a dozen of them.   Expect more to appear here!

Pattern: Staple Dress in cheapo quilting cotton
Mods: none! Next time I'll do more rows of shirring, and lower down

Monday, May 25, 2015

me made may 2015 round up days 13-18

I'm pretty excited to be able to keep up with my goal of wearing two handmade items per day.  I'm sharing here the photos from my instagram, recording days 13-18 of Me Made May ...

The me-mades :
#13 : catnap scout tee + noro striped scarf
#14 : bikes staple dress + (another) noro scarf
#15 : day of the dead scout tee + denim everyday skirt + (yet another) noro scarf (in Matsuri, project not on ravelry)
#16 : refashioned sorbetto top + mara shawlette
#17 : bikes everyday skirt + color affection shawl
#18 : portfolio shirt + charlotte's web shawl 

This has been an interesting challenge and I've had a few ah-ha! moments about my wardrobe, what I wear, what I have in my closet, and what goals I will set for myself upon finishing this month.  I'll have a lot to share at the end of this challenge!

Saturday, May 16, 2015

me made may 2015 round up days 7-12

This year's Me Made May is continuing ... I'm holding strong in managing to snap a photo a day, though I will admit it's becoming more of a chore to accomplish this, especially in this busy time of the year.  However, trends are emerging in my wardrobe and I am starting to have some big ah-ha! moments in terms of what my wardrobe is, and what I want it to be.  At the end of the month I think I'll be ready to articulate it all.

Here are my days 7 - 12, as recorded on my instagram ...

How about you?  Are you participating this year?  What knowledge has creating a handmade wardrobe sparked for you?

Saturday, May 9, 2015

Scout Tee #7 -- surprise, a catnap version!

So, yes, I have a Scout Woven Tee problem.  I was feeling pretty bad about my lack of diversity until I came across the blog One Million Dresses and the amazing Sarah who has made over one hundred Emery Dresses, and blogs them all.  I decided that my Scout Tee addiction isn't so bad after all, and that other seamstresses like to make and re-make easy and favorite patterns just like me.  (I wouldn't mind moving on to the Emery Dress one day and making a million cute frocks like Sarah's ...)

Having said that, I am actually venturing out into some other patterns, but had already cut out these two Scout Tees and felt like I needed to finish them up.

Presenting Scout Tee #7 : yet another miáucoles tee shirt, a.k.a. another catnap top.

I had cut this out before I made my recent double-catnap bess top ... and actually, for the record, I don't see anything wrong with owning an entire wardrobe of catnap clothing.  (Lizzy House might have told me that she's considering a Catnap 2 line ...)

I so love this cute print, called "Cattitude."  It's perfect for miáucoles (my version of Spanish-Wednesday-meets-cats), right?

It made an appearance in my instagram Me Made May wardrobe before I had a chance to blog it here.  I'm also wearing a hitchhiker scarf and a really really old Koigu hat (unfortunately, so old it was never recorded in ravelry!).  If I look grumpy, it's because I was standing in the rain, though you might catch a glimpse at the amazing rainbow that was *right* behind me.  (I almost ran away to look for the gold!)  It's been raining straight for the past week here in Colorado, which is highly unusual -- and we're expecting up to 10" of snow for Mother's Day this weekend!

(Waiting for summertime ...)

Notes :
Pattern : Scout Woven Tee
Fabric : Catnap by Lizzy House
Mods : slightly longer hemline

Thursday, May 7, 2015

me made may 2015 round up days 1-6

I've been having a lot of fun participating in this year's Me Made May ...  I had set the goal to participate some time last year after having sat out on the sidelines for the last few years.  I'm really glad that I jumped on the bandwagon this year!  If you are so inclined, feel free to visit me on my Instagram account -- though I joined years and years ago, it hasn't seen a lot of action until now.

Here's my first round-up of my me made outfits :

Day 1 : bicycle skirt + arroway shawl
Day 2 : purple Debbie Bliss Grace cardigan + day of the dead Wiksten tank + Charlotte's Web shawl
Day 3 : galaxy Everyday Skirt + sharktooth shawl 
Day 4 : long-sleeved Nani Iro Scout Tee + Purl Bee Quilted Vest + Esjan shawl 
Day 5 : Piñata Hemlime Tee + shawktooth shawl + Purl Bee Quilted Vest
Day 6 : Catnap Scout Tee + hitchhiker shawl + really old Koigu KPPPM hat