Saturday, May 9, 2015

Scout Tee #7 -- surprise, a catnap version!

So, yes, I have a Scout Woven Tee problem.  I was feeling pretty bad about my lack of diversity until I came across the blog One Million Dresses and the amazing Sarah who has made over one hundred Emery Dresses, and blogs them all.  I decided that my Scout Tee addiction isn't so bad after all, and that other seamstresses like to make and re-make easy and favorite patterns just like me.  (I wouldn't mind moving on to the Emery Dress one day and making a million cute frocks like Sarah's ...)

Having said that, I am actually venturing out into some other patterns, but had already cut out these two Scout Tees and felt like I needed to finish them up.

Presenting Scout Tee #7 : yet another miáucoles tee shirt, a.k.a. another catnap top.

I had cut this out before I made my recent double-catnap bess top ... and actually, for the record, I don't see anything wrong with owning an entire wardrobe of catnap clothing.  (Lizzy House might have told me that she's considering a Catnap 2 line ...)

I so love this cute print, called "Cattitude."  It's perfect for miáucoles (my version of Spanish-Wednesday-meets-cats), right?

It made an appearance in my instagram Me Made May wardrobe before I had a chance to blog it here.  I'm also wearing a hitchhiker scarf and a really really old Koigu hat (unfortunately, so old it was never recorded in ravelry!).  If I look grumpy, it's because I was standing in the rain, though you might catch a glimpse at the amazing rainbow that was *right* behind me.  (I almost ran away to look for the gold!)  It's been raining straight for the past week here in Colorado, which is highly unusual -- and we're expecting up to 10" of snow for Mother's Day this weekend!

(Waiting for summertime ...)

Notes :
Pattern : Scout Woven Tee
Fabric : Catnap by Lizzy House
Mods : slightly longer hemline

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