Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Bess top #1 : the catnap tunic

You may already know that I have a problem with cat-themed clothing (being the calico lover), but I couldn't help but to make a double-catnap top.   But, what top?  I went back and forth for a while then decided to forge into a new-to-me pattern -- the Bess Top, tunic version.  (I may or may not have been subconsciously influenced by Rachel's Catnap Bess, which I had evidently pinned to my pinterest board previously.)  So, I topped off the back of the top with the contrasting fabric and came up with a cat-version color-blocked Bess tunic.

I'm mostly happy overall with how this turned out ... there were a few bumps along the way including my first-ever knit fabric bias trim.  I'm not sure if I love this new technique or not -- it felt both easier and more difficult than the previous bias bindings I've used on my Scout tees and other tops.

One problem I had was that I cut out the pockets, but in my excitement to sew up the top, I forgot to include them!  It's okay, because after I try out the Cabin tunic pattern, I might opt to add in some faux-placket pockets like the Cabin has.  I put on my tunic and headed out for the day (with my husband graciously grabbing a quick iPhone photo in the sunlight) ...

 ... and I wore it to a class at Fancy Tiger Crafts with Lizzy House!  The class that she taught was about the Meadow Quilt -- a very interesting class, where I learned a new technique called the "six-minute-circle."  I couldn't tell if I was the coolest person in the class, wearing a double-catnap top in front of Lizzy House, or maybe the strangest person in the class, wearing a double-catnap top in front of Lizzy House.  Given that I am used to being strange on a regular basis (hello, high school teacher), I prefer to think of myself as the former, not the latter.

There are some things I'll change next time around in this pattern -- downsizing, pockets, different fabrics, better control of my knit bias facing ... but for now, I'm pretty pleased with my end result.  (Oh, and my Meadow Quilt?  Not so sure when that will get done ...)

Notes :
Pattern : Bess Top by imagine gnats
Fabric : Catnap by Lizzy House
Mods : none, but size 12 made - next time I'll definitely size down -- though I still intend to add pockets à la Cabin Tunic
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  1. looks so cute!! and I've totally done that. most notably when I met Amy Butler wearing a top that was her pattern and fabric ;)

    1. Thanks! Of course the pattern was yours ;) but as Lizzy House doesn't make clothing patterns, it worked! It was the perfect match and I was super happy it turned out with the color blocking - thanks for the tutorial!

  2. Very cute top. I haven't tried this pattern yet & I've never worked with knit bias tape so interesting to know what you think.