Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Staple Dress #1 : bikes !

I finished a dress in Me Made May -- a Staple Dress, in fact!

I am so excited to add this dress to my repertoire. I bought the pattern ages ago ... like, at least a year ago, but maybe two?? ... and it was one of the motivations that I had to start making my own things.  I am embarrassed that it took this long to make the dress -- because it's quick, and awesome!  I can see why there are so many of them out there in the blogosphere.

I used an inexpensive quilting cotton to try this pattern out.  I'm glad I did, though I don't think I'll make many serious changes next time I made this.  I do think that I'd like to try the hi-low hem in a different fabric, but I'm also pretty happy with the straight hem in a quilting cotton.  I see the possibilities ahead of me ...

This is the dress equivalent of the scout tee, or the everyday skirt ... which means I'll end up making somewhere between three and a dozen of them.   Expect more to appear here!

Pattern: Staple Dress in cheapo quilting cotton
Mods: none! Next time I'll do more rows of shirring, and lower down

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  1. Jen, I seem to be seeing this pattern more lately as well! Yours look lovely and I'm glad you've found another pattern love! I love those patterns that love me back! Have fun creating lots of iterations of this 'staple'! ;-)