Sunday, April 12, 2015

Finished skirt! : Everyday Skirt #3 : the "far out" one

I made a skirt a while ago but haven't blogged about it yet -- it's an outer space skirt. 

The Everyday Skirt by Liesl & Co. has become just that for me -- an everyday skirt.  This was my third, and I've settled in on the size small as the best fit -- though I am generally a solid medium in RTW.  I have a fourth everyday skirt to blog about, and I actually just showed you my fifth version as well.  I have even more planned!   Though I haven't made seven of these (yet) -- when I do, I'll have one for every day of the week.  (Here I come, MeMadeMay!)  

My son snapped a shot of me wearing the skirt in the morning on the way out to work.  I might need to come up with a better plan of taking photos of my Me Made outfits ... In this photo I am wearing the skirt + my "winter bandit" scarf.  Though it's hard to take photos of a black scarf, it's a great addition to my wardrobe.

What is my most favorite thing about this skirt?  The weird looks I get when I'm wearing it!  ("Are those ... planets on your skirt??") And, the fact that all my girlfriend science teachers at my high school want one.   Geeks unite!

Project notes :
Pattern : Everyday Skirt by Liesl + Co.
Fabric : Something from Hobby Lobby
Mods : Size small
{{On Kollabora here.}}


  1. Spacetastic! The fit looks great! I often feel like I need to make items 3 times to perfect the fit (one of those could be a muslin if I feel so inclined) but I usually get bored before I can get to #3. But I could see how valuable it would be to have a dozen of these skirts!

    1. Thanks, Helena! I will stop making this pattern if/when I find an easy skirt pattern with pockets that I like more ... in the meanwhile, I'm hoping the different fabrics will camouflage me having a gazillion! :)

  2. hahaha....of course, this print would appeal to science 'geeks'. For me, it's not so much the planets, as the palette. I love the blues and oranges! Very cute! Will I be seeing you on Me Made May 2015 flicker? Hope so!

    1. Hi Sue! I will definitely be tackling memademay this year ... thanks! My guess is this skirt will pop up there as well! :)

  3. I love a good Galaxy print. One of my favorite scout tees is in a galaxy print rayon (unblogged). Wouldn't it be cool to find a scientifically accurate Galaxy fabric? Maybe too nerdy...