Sunday, March 15, 2015

Scouts #5 (the February one) and #6 (another miaucoles tee)

Despite the fact that I am actually sewing other things, I need to blog a few recent Scout Woven Tees that I completed ...

Scout #5 : the February Scout

My handmade wardrobe plan for the month of February was to insert as many red- and pink-colored garments into my wardrobe as possible.  As such, I grabbed this Jennifer Paganelli design from Joann to try out the roomier swing back version of the Scout Tee.

It's funny that I had my son snap this picture on our way out to school in the morning (trying to catch the sunlight while I could get it!) -- I took off my jacket, snapped a quick photo, and realized later that my go-to hat this winter (Rikke in malabrigo worsted) has a strange pooling action going on.  I knew this already, but seeing it in a photo made it really stand out to me.  In addition, I'd never quite noticed how the tips of my color affection shawl sort of pop out grey!  This is an added benefit to blogging what I wear, I suppose.

Project notes :
Pattern : Scout Tee #5 
Fabric : Floral Stripe by Jennifer Paganelli
Mods :  - Size 6 made, with full back adjustment
{{On Kollabora here}}

That brings us to Scout #6 : another miáucoles tee

I can't get enough cat-themed clothing into my wardrobe.  Before you think that it's just about being another crazy cat lady (which, being the calico lover, I of course am), you need to remember that I'm a Spanish teacher and that each Wednesday in my class is celebrated as "miáucoles," or the cat version of the regular (and more boring IMHO) miércoles.  (I may or may not insert random cat memes in Spanish throughout my powerpoints on Wednesdays ... while wearing cat-themed clothes, of course.)

I added a bit more oomph in the back, or more swing à la slash-and-spread of clothing design, inspired by Jen's Madewell Scout.

Of note in this tee was my failure at creating a slit in the neck, as Jen did in her Madewell Scout Tee version.  It turned out ... okay.  By okay, I mean wearable, but I'm not sure pleased with it.  I'm not giving up on this technique quite yet.  I'm pretty sure my inability to pull off this slit came from the store-purchased binding that I used.

Project notes :
Pattern : Scout Tee #6
Fabric : Catnap by Lizzy House in Finn Pink
Mods :  - Size 6 made, neck slit added, swingy back adjustment
{{On Kollabora here}}

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