Sunday, July 27, 2014

Finished top! : Wiksten #1 : the pinstripe version

So, I've been sewing more than Everyday Skirts lately ... I have a few Wiksten tank tops that I've whipped up to share.


I used stash fabric for this first version to get a feel for the fit ... the fabric is some cotton/polyester shirting fabric that I bought for super cheap years and years ago and it's been hanging around in my stash since then. I recall buying it to make something for my daughter when she was a baby ... my daughter who is about to turn 12.  That's some languishing in the stash, I tell you!  Luckily it made a great Wiksten tank.  


This was my very first experience at making bias tape to apply to the neckline and sleeves.  It was very interesting and the experience has become easier, luckily. 

I find the tank to be extremely comfy to wear in the summer heat, and the polyester (or whatever makes this not 100% cotton) means that it wrinkles less, which is a plus, in my opinion.  I also love the subtle stripes that don't really reek of the 4th of July (like my first Everyday Skirt sort of does), yet they convey that simple "casual July tank top" feel.  They also go great with my red clogs, which is a huge bonus.  

I wore this tank top to a picnic for my son's marching band.  My husband accompanied me and was kind enough to take a few photos in a great spot for a photo op -- it's trailer-turned-into-a-moveable-clinic project that some colleagues and students at my school have been working on. You can see more of the project here in this video on YouTube.  I'm extremely impressed with this project and very proud of my school!

Project notes :
Pattern : Wiksten - Tank Top
Fabric : Cheap-o cotton blend
Mods : Size large - no mods
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Sunday, July 20, 2014

Finished skirt! : Everyday Skirt #2 : the summer bike version

I'm back with the second version of Liesl's Everyday Skirt that I recently made, and I need to get going on updating my blog because I am actually working on my FIFTH version of this skirt. That's how everyday this skirt is!

I'm calling this the "summer bike version", as it was inspired by an amazing trip I took to Germany this summer.  Don't you agree that making handmade projects is the best way to create a souvenir of travels?  In this trip, I went as a chaperone to 15 students from my high school to a city that is one of the top bicycle-friendly cities in Germany, Oldenburg.  It was a fabulous experience for me, mainly because I am a French and Spanish teacher - but NOT a German teacher!  Luckily, the German teacher is my friend and invited me along. :)  The ability to experience the language and culture of a new country was really cool, and riding our bikes everywhere in town definitely made it better.  I was obsessed with the many bikes we saw posed next to cute doors and windows, and here is a composite of a few of the many photos I took :

For the second incarnation of this skirt, I made the size medium, as I made previously.  After this, I have gone down to a size small and I think I've stuck with the smalls since then. I'm a pretty typical size 8-10 and would say that this skirt does run a little large.  For this skirt, I made no other modifications (on my first skirt, I shortened the length and I do believe I prefer the longer version).

The fabric is the bicycle print from the gnome living collection by Robert Kaufman, and I'm super tempted to pick up this same print in aqua for a Scout tee.  We'll see.  I receive compliments on this skirt every time I wear it, so that might justify my purchase ...


I need to start taking better finished object photos with my camera instead of my iPhone camera, but in the meanwhile you can see how much I love this skirt.

Last -- I'll leave you with a video of my friend and I bicycling through the streets of Oldenburg. Lovely, relaxing days!

Project notes :
Pattern : Everyday Skirt by Liesl + Co.
Fabric : Gnome Living Bicycles by Robert Kaufman
Mods : Size medium - no mods. 
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Sunday, July 6, 2014

Finished skirt! : Everyday Skirt #1 : the 4th of July version

I am pleased to report that I have some finished projects to share, and I plan to actually blog about them!  Come back to see what crafty goodness I've been up to ... in the meanwhile let me share my first project, the Everyday Skirt #1.  (I say #1 because there are others that will surely follow.)  

I purchased the Everyday Skirt pattern by Liesl + Co. recently.  I couldn't wait to make it -- and luckily the 4th of July was around the corner.  I found a super-sale of fabric at Joann's and decided to work up a skirt to go with the holiday, as well as to be my "practice skirt" before I cut into more expensive fabric that I had chosen for this skirt. 

I don't know about you, but I'm not super crazy about making muslin work-ups of patterns.  I know that it's what I *should* do, but if I'm going to go through the trouble of sewing a garment, then I'd like to save something to show for it -- even if I can only wear it once a year.   I ended up making the size medium, which truly is my size, but I feel it came out a little large.  I did shorten the hem by 2" and I think I might go for more length next time.  I'm on the fence about whether to go down in size next time.

I feel pretty pleased with the way this skirt came out, and I think the July 4th fabric that I chose - pinwheels - is pretty darn cute.  I might be able to wear this for more than just the 4th - I'm the kind of girl to wear red, white and blue pinwheels on the 14th of July as well.  (Bleu, blanc, rouge are actually France's colors, too, after all.)

 For me, the very best part about this skirt is the fact that I can wear my red Swedish Hasbeens with it.  I'm obsessed with clogs in general, and probably have more pairs of Swedish Hasbeens than the average girl, but these red clog sandals are my very favorite.

Project notes :
Pattern : Everyday Skirt by Liesl + Co.
Fabric : Cheap 4th of July fabric from Joann's
Mods : Made size medium but shortened the hem by 2".
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