Thursday, May 7, 2015

me made may 2015 round up days 1-6

I've been having a lot of fun participating in this year's Me Made May ...  I had set the goal to participate some time last year after having sat out on the sidelines for the last few years.  I'm really glad that I jumped on the bandwagon this year!  If you are so inclined, feel free to visit me on my Instagram account -- though I joined years and years ago, it hasn't seen a lot of action until now.

Here's my first round-up of my me made outfits :

Day 1 : bicycle skirt + arroway shawl
Day 2 : purple Debbie Bliss Grace cardigan + day of the dead Wiksten tank + Charlotte's Web shawl
Day 3 : galaxy Everyday Skirt + sharktooth shawl 
Day 4 : long-sleeved Nani Iro Scout Tee + Purl Bee Quilted Vest + Esjan shawl 
Day 5 : Piñata Hemlime Tee + shawktooth shawl + Purl Bee Quilted Vest
Day 6 : Catnap Scout Tee + hitchhiker shawl + really old Koigu KPPPM hat

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