Friday, May 29, 2015

me made may 2015 round up days 19-24

We're nearing the end of Me Made May 2015, and I'll be both relieved to finish, and sad to see it come to an end!

So, before I finish off the month, let me recap days 19-24 for you ...

Day 19 : tea leaves cardigan + (favorite) charlotte's web shawl 
Day 20 : catnap bess tunic + sharktooth shawl 
Day 21 : hourglass sweater + radiant orchid streak cowl 
Day 22 : hand-dyed, handknit socks (+ mystery scarf that day)
Day 23 : flannel hemlock tee + scrollwork hat + wintertime bandit scarf
Day 24 : sheep hemlock tee + clapotis scarf

I'll be updating those hemlock tees soon ... ;)

My next MMM check-in will be the last of this month, and I'll have a lot to say at the end of this experience of all handmade wearables in the month of May!  See you then --

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  1. Lovely lovelies! I wish I could knit like you. During MMM 2015 I was sighing over all the knitted cardis. I hope to take some knitting lessons this fall so that NEXT year's MMM I will be able to show at least one knitted cardi. (Ha - so say I now!) Looking forward to your wrap-up!