Wednesday, January 1, 2014

of resolutions and knitting things ...

So, I've decided to make an impossible New Year's resolution to at least try to keep this blog updated, and to try to at least keep an online journal of the things I've made.  That's kind of the point of blogging, right?

So - to that end - I have a family of hats to document.  I made this set of hats, plus a mauve-ish colored hat, for my friend from high school who has since become my oral surgeon.  Ironically, I don't live in the same community where I grew up, but Terry and I both have settled down near the University we both attended.  As fate would have it, not only was Terry my friend while working at Arby's, and my junior prom date, but he's also now extracting teeth from my mouth.  Fate can be funny sometimes, right?

Here is a family set of Vermonter hats ... sized from adult to child, based on everyone's favorite colors.  (Terry sarcastically requested mauve, so I of course made him one, but figured he could trade with his wife, who received the black hat.)

Pattern : The Vermonter (free)
(for sale on etsy here if you don't knit!)
Yarn : Lion Thick & Quick
Ravelry : project page here

Friday, November 29, 2013

{penny patch quiltalong} : finished top!

When I saw the really cute Penny Patch quilt that Rachel is hosting at Stitched in Color, I couldn't help but to chop up some yardage that I'd recently purchased.

The intended recipient is a colleague and friend of mine, a science teacher and mountain biker -- her husband is even a professional downhill mountain bike racer.  I knew I had to incorporate goofy science prints (the notebook fabric with doodles of science experiments in the Robotic collection by Birch Fabrics fit the bill nicely), alongside as some fun bicycle prints.  I even cut into my prized Heather Ross pink bicycles!

I decided to make it 5x5 even though I've already cut enough squares to make it 5x7 ... I'll use the extra fabric on some other baby gifts that I'll whip up later.   I felt like this was the perfect size for toting around with a baby.

I've been very pleased with how this has turned out!  I can't wait to quilt it ... I'm thinking of trying the dogwood quilting method, which I haven't tried yet.

Friday, November 1, 2013

{finished quilt} : The Baby Swoon

Hey there!  Long time no post.  I've been super crafty & busy and unfortunately have not taken the time to document any of it.  I'm here to remedy it!  I recently put together a set of handmade gifties for a sweet little boy recently born ...

I have wanted to make a Swoon quilt ever since the super-sized blocks took over the quilting blogosphere a while back.  I purchased the pattern, and before I started making my own quilt blocks I thought I'd try it out on some stashed fabric.  I made a baby cowboy-themed quilt block some time back and was pleased with how it turned out.  After I found out that my cousin, who lives in Texas (where my family is from), was having a baby boy I knew I had to finish up the quilt to send off to him! Unfortunately baby K has been born -- but I'm still managing to get this off before he's too big to use it as a stroller quilt.


I was quite pleased with how the quilting turned out ... I followed Angela's directions for quilting a Swoon block, and pretty much did as she told me to do.  Despite not spending a lot of time doing the actual quilting on a block, I feel like the outcome was okay!

I also added the quilt label that I've been adding recently, a little tab inserted to the binding that says "made with " on one side, and "jenifer f. 2013" on the other side.  And yes, I machine sewed the binding on ... I think that if I could get even better at this it might become my go-to binding technique.  The backing was a scrappy pieced backing, my favorite.

I also managed to use the leftover HST on two little bibs, and I also sewed up a little "latchy catchy" that I saw on Etsy and pinned once upon a time.  I thought that was a clever idea for keeping the door quiet on a sleeping baby!

Last, but not least, I added in a knit cap and booties that I made a while back.  The knit cap was practice for two-handed stranded knitting (pattern long ago forgotten!). (ravelry link)

The booties were made when I saw some friends down and taught them how to knit socks.  We made baby socks with worsted weight wool (leftover Malabrigo Worsted), and they are the perfect add-on to these goodies.  (ravelry link)

Hopefully it won't be a year before I update again ... see you before then!