Wednesday, January 28, 2015

scout tee #4 : long-sleeved nani iro version

Well, it's another day, and I'm back with another Scout Tee ... that's how it rolls around here.  The reality is that, as a rather inexperienced and beginner sewer, the Scout Tee remains that perfect mixture of a wearable design along with skills that I possess.  So, until I feel like venturing into more complicated patterns, I might be happy making an endless number of these with a few variations thrown in.

This version is made with 1 1/2 yds of this amazingly soft Nani Iro brushed cotton that I bought from Miss Matatabi.  I decided to use every single bit of fabric that I could and I extended the sleeves to a 3/4 length.

I'll admit that seeing Carolyn's shirt heavily influenced my own -- this border print was just too gorgeous to not use it as an accent somehow.   I am very happy with the use of the border print on the bottom hem, as well as on the sleeves.   If I'd had more yardage, I would have considered a dress -- this version and this version are inspiration for future border-print Nani Iro projects.

I shamelessly copied Carolyn for the sleeve hems, as well, leaving them unfinished.  I decided that if I need to hem them later, I can -- for now, I like the whimsy of the unfinished hem and I think it's fun and unique that the selvage print barely shows on one sleeve.

I feel super proud of the process that I took to make this a quality handmade garment that I hope will last well.   I serged the lower hem and then used a new-to-me-technique to hem the shirt.  On this shirt, I used my "blind hem" stitch and finally figured out how that worked -- this tutorial helped a lot.  I am definitely going to use this on future skirts!

My bias facing is really coming along ... I used a commercial facing but ironed it out flat before applying it, which I think helped with the stiffness.

I also extended the lower hem by about two inches and also used Jen's full back tutorial to add volume to the back of the shirt.  I **love** the way it turned out and will most likely use this "slash and spread" method again.

Meanwhile, the scarf I'm wearing with this shirt perfectly coordinates.  The scarf is pretty much all-time favorite handknit item -- it goes with almost everything in my wardrobe and is amazingly comfortable and versatile.  This was one of my first lace patterns that I ever attempted -- the Charlotte's Web scarf that was incredibly popular on knitting blogs in the pre-ravelry days.    I have more notes on my ravelry project page, if you're interested.  (I made another version in a chunky Noro yarn, too.)

My only regret for this shirt is that it's a tad too tight in the back across the shoulders -- so in my next Scout Tee I will probably add a bit of width there.  However, the fit still works, and I'm in love it!

Project notes :
Pattern : Scout Tee
Fabric : Nani Iro Painting Check from Miss Matatabi
Mods : None - Size 6 made.
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Sunday, January 25, 2015

scout tee #3 : calaveras de azĂșcar version

This is (cough cough) rather late posting -- it's January and I realized that during my blogging absence this last fall I finished (yet another) Scout Tee.  This is my third, and I am really feeling like I have got the hang of this pattern.  

Not only is this shirt perfect for me to wear in November, or any other month for that matter (I teach Spanish), it's cute, comfy and colorful.   What more could a girl ask for?

I am feeling more and more comfortable with doing a bias binding (yay!) and the tip that Jen from Grainline detailed for getting flat bias necklines has really paid off for me.  

The fabric was a novelty fabric purchase from Joann's, whose name and designer I can't recall now.  I know that it's my third Day of the Dead shirt I've made, but I have to admit -- there are more coming. :)  I blame it on watching too much Magic School Bus when my kids were little.   (#imthatteacher) 

Project notes :
Pattern : Scout Tee
Fabric : Mystery novelty print from Joann's
Mods : None - Size 6 made.
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Monday, January 19, 2015

the one-hour top #1 : what's black and white and ... ?

I recently finished a top I'd been wanting to sew since the first time I saw it ... the One Hour Top by Fancy Tiger.  (It's a given that I pretty much want to do everything I see the Fancy Tigresses make.)

True confession : though I've been sewing for pretty much my entire life, I have a severe aversion to sewing with knits.   I made a dress when I was pregnant with my first child (who just turned 15 ... so it was many years ago) and let's just say that it had that "homemade look" more than the handmade look.  You know what I mean!  Luckily with all the resources that are available today, and the promise of a cute and comfy top that could be finished in an hour, I felt like I could attack sewing with knits once more.

I would say that for the most part, the pattern went well!  I was extremely pleased with myself when I managed to use a twin needle (for the first time, yay!).  Let's ignore the imperfections that I won't be highlighting in this blog post, then, and I'll move straight on to the feeling proud of the quickie shirt I made.  The black and white print (that is, ahem, not quite centered on the shirt - note to self, remember that next time!) looks really cute with my Skully Jane Market Bag.

I wore the shirt out today with my tote and my "black and white and re(a)d all over" scarf.  I love the combo of this tote with this scarf -- add in this cute top, and I'm in handmade heaven.

Project notes :
Pattern : One Hour Top - by Fancy Tiger
Fabric : super cheap knit fabric from Hobby Lobby
Mods : Size M/L -- no mods
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my handmade wardrobe

One of my goals as a crafter is to create a handmade wardrobe ... what follows are the various clothing items I have made that have been documented here on my blog, and my favorite handmade outfits.  My goal in this project is to step back and identify some of the gaps that I need to fill in, and to remember some of my favorite creations. 

handmade tanks 

handmade tees and short sleeve shirts  

scout tee #3

handmade skirts 

handmade dresses

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handmade shorts 

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handmade outerwear

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handmade pajamas

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