Saturday, April 18, 2015

Purl Soho Quilted Vest

In all of the things I've knit for myself, I have to admit that there are a few garments I've never made ... I'm talking about things like : 
  • knitted skirts (this one and this one are both high up in my queue, though I should probably just make this pattern first)
  • knitted dresses (not sure I'll ever make this one but I'd like to)
  • knitted underwear (okay, I'm joking, I have no plans there, though I do find this pattern intriguing as a layering piece)
Likewise, in sewing, I'd like to make:
  • a coat (this one has caught my eye!)
  • undergarments (though this simple bralette is high on my list of to-dos)
  • athletic wear (or my favorite new term, athleisure wear) ... and this may change one day.
So, I'm excited to share that I just completed a Purl Bee reversible quilted vest!  You can imagine my overjoyment with my most recent garment, not only a pattern that is totally new to me, but also one that leaves me only two sleeves away from completing an actual coat one day.  
In addition to the place that I anticipate this vest taking in my #MeMadeMay15 wardrobe, it is simply an amazing thing to have made.  I wanted to make this when Purl Bee came out with the first version a year ago ... then when they updated the design this year, I had to cave.  I mixed elements from both vests to come up with my final version.  Here, I'm wearing the vest over a sweater I made ages ago (really!) but still love -- so the warm vest over a handknit sweater is a match made in heaven.  It's only upon blogging this pair that I realize how perfect they are -- the hourglass sweater is a pattern by Joelle Hoverson, owner of Purl Soho, orignator of the quilted vest pattern.  

I used a simple horizontal line quilting across the denim I chose for the outer fabric paired with wool batting for the middle.  How have I never purchased wool batting before?  I'm in love, and am dying to make a winter bed quilt with wool batting now.  I used a fabric I had been coveting for the interior -- a simple geometric print by Carolyn Friedlander from her Doe collection.  I just love her aesthetic!  I could make an entire wardrobe out of her prints and be happy.  (Okay, with some key Catnap, Nani Iro, and just a few others thrown in ...)  I did not quilt the interior to the exterior, but followed the instructions on the second quilted vest so the lining would not be attached.

By far the most time-consuming aspect was hand-stitching the binding on to finish the vest.  Luckily I had been saving the Creativebug series of "How to Design Fabric" for a rainy day, and this was my chance to binge watch three of my favorite fabric designers talk about their process while I slowly slip-stitched the binding.

This was actually my first time to sew in snaps -- such a simple task, and I couldn't believe I'd never done it before!  It's fun to slowly check those things off my list of skills or garments that I hadn't ever accomplished, and then I do accomplish them.   Quilted garment? Check!  Snaps? Check!

In the end, I thought I might like the lining-side out better, but I find the denim-side more wearable. Either way, I just love this vest and can't wait to plan for a second version!

Notes :
Pattern: Purl Soho Quilted Vest version one and two
Fabric: dark denim outer / Carolyn Friedlander Doe "Sharp in Black"
size : medium
Mods: mixture of elements of both vests
{{on kollabora here}}


  1. How fun to have a reversible vest! I'm planning too for MMM, and I can see how that added versatility of a reversible garment will really help you out in making your MMM goals!

    1. Thank you, Elizabeth! I'm definitely looking forward to having it in my rotation :)

  2. What? You handstitched the binding? That is more patience than I will ever have. Nice work! It turned out great.

    1. Thanks! It wasn't too bad -- I credit Heather Ross for that! ;)