Sunday, April 5, 2015

Easter coord : Sorbetto Top #3 and Everyday Skirt #5

I came across a post on Ada Spragg with coord inspiration a while back ... it's not a new concept, but the general idea is to make a matching top/bottom set that look cute together but can be worn separate.  It came in very handy recently when I ordered 3 yards of fabric from a vendor on eBay at a super bargain price ... but what came in the mail were two pieces of fabric -- one a single yard, the second only two yards.  This didn't really work out with the pattern I had in mind -- but when I considered the option of a coord outfit, I felt like I could make it work!

I cut out the two patterns and made them in time to wear for Valentine's Day ... and then we had a blizzard and I ended up wearing something totally different for my special date night with my husband.  I've been wearing these pieces independently (the color looks great with denim or chambray), but decided to wear the outfit out for Easter today.  (Happy Easter!)

I ended up cutting a Sorbetto Top (without the front box pleat) from the one yard piece, and an Everyday Skirt from the two yard piece.  I had enough fabric to cut sleeves for the top, as well, so I added those.  I also added a commercial bias binding to the edge of the top, and I like the little pop of color it adds.

The skirt, which has become a real go-to pattern for me, turned out super cute (I think).  If I had paid more attention to the cutting of the pattern, I would have lined up the sides with the front/backs.  It's wearable, of course, as it is, and I kind of think that had I tried to match them it might have been a disaster and it would have been more obvious.  So - I'm going with the flow and ignoring that detail for now!

Though I'm wearing the top & bottom together here with the top not tucked in, it's also a cute outfit together with a big belt to make the outfit look like a dress.    However, I think the pieces are even cuter worn separately -- again, the color of this fabric looks great with denim or chambray.    So, three different outfit possibilities in one outfit -- gotta love that!

As for the fabric itself, it's an Anna Maria Horner quilting cotton called "Banner Days," celebrating the Mexican art of papel picado.  I'll admit I also have this fabric already in blue, in voile weight.  What can I say? ... It's perfect for a Spanish teacher to wear!  I love the design.  (I see there's another colorway I don't own yet ...)

Notes :
Pattern : Sorbetto top by Colette and Everyday Skirt by Liesl & Co
Fabric : AMH Banner Days in magenta
Mods : no box pleat on the top, and added sleeves to the Sorbetto (instructions here)
{{On Kollabora here}}

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  1. So cute! I love co-ords because they have so many possibilities. And when you really love a fabric, sometimes you want to make a whole wardrobe from it! Great job!

    1. Thank you! I can't decide if I like the outfit more as separates or together - which is a good dilemma to have!

  2. Nice set! I've made the everyday skirt a few times but have yet to get the size/fabric combo quite right. Yours looks really cute - I may be inspired to give it another try.

    1. Thanks Noelle! I recommend going down - I'm generally more of a medium but the small fits great!

  3. Really cute outfit! I'm always feeling a bit weirs when I think about wearing a skirt and a top made of the same fabric. But there are so many great sets out there, like yours, that are making me reconsider. Very well done.

    1. Thank you so much, Friederike!