Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Scout Tee #2 : the miáucoles version

I'm back with another Scout Tee ...  #2 in a series of never ending Scout Tees, that is.  I recently saw someone (somewhere) say "Another day, another Grainline Scout Tee," and that about sums it up.  I love this pattern!  I sized down slightly from the last pattern and I think I could size down even one more size next time I make this.

I think it's time to get something out of the way.  First, I like cats.  (I am The Calico Lover, after all.) ;)  Second, I teach Spanish.  Third, I may not be able to help it if the middle day of the week is known as miáucoles in my classroom ... instead of the boring, traditional miércoles.  Let's call it the Spanish-speaking world's version of "Caturday".

So, when I came across this stupendously cheeky and amazingly soft organic cat fabric at my favorite fabric (and yarn) mecca, I knew what to do with it ... whip it up into a Scout Tee worthy of wearing on miáucoles.

The really cool medical clinic-in-a-trailer that students at my high school put together hasn't left yet for Mexico City, so I took advantage of it for a quick photo op, even though I've already used it once before.  I can't help it - the artwork is beautiful!

The scarf I'm wearing is a recently finished handknit item - blogged about separately, here.  Double points for wearing two handmade garments in one day. 

(There may or may not have been a powerpoint filled with cat memes - in Spanish, of course - today.)

Project notes :
Pattern : Grainline - Scout Woven Tee
Fabric : Here Kitty Kitty by Clothworks
Mods : Size 8 -- with a wiksten pocket added
{{On Kollabora here.}}

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  1. OMG, I think my heart might have skipped a beat when I saw that fabric. So damn cute! Too bad it looks like no stores near me carry it :( Your Scout looks wonderful, such a good pattern to showcase an awesome print!