Friday, September 26, 2014

Finished knitting : the wintertime bandit

I previewed this recent handknit in my previous post as I wore it for the first time the same day I wore my new Scout Tee.  It makes me so happy when I can squeeze in two (or more) handmade wardrobe items in one day -- and it's even better when they are both brand-new!

I'm happy to present a finished handknit -- one that I started last winter (thus the name) and managed to knit entirely with the exception of the last two rows.  As I wound the yarn for this project, a small ball broke off from the rest and I misplaced it, thinking it was a measly extra 20 yards or so.  Well, I couldn't find it as I was coming up on the tail of my yarn and with two rows to go -- only two rows to go!! -- I put the project away.  The project has been languishing in the naughty corner of my craft room since then.  Luckily, I cleaned up my craft room and found the mysterious tiny ball of 20 measly yards and managed to finish this scarf off.  Phew !  That was close. 

The best part about finding an almost-finished project is that it only takes about an hour to finish it up and block it -- then wear it the next day, which I proudly did with my miáucoles shirt.  

As it's currently fall, I've been smitten with the late afternoon light and couldn't help trying to get some photos with the sun rays shining in.  

My dog, named Callie because she is the calico dog in the house, joined me in the photo op.  She does match the black scarf nicely, don't you think?  

Project notes :
Pattern : Springtime Bandit, free on ravelry here
Yarn : Malabrigo Silky Merino
Needles : US7
Mods : none!
{{On ravelry here.}}
{{On Kollabora here.}}

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