Saturday, August 9, 2014

Myrtle sewalong : get ready, get set, go!

I'm pretty excited to participate in the Myrtle sewalong that Colette is hosting!

One of my goals this year has been to A) maximize my time I spend crafting (instead of wasting time on mindless things like candy crush -- yes, I'm on level 418, thankyouverymuch), and B) expand my crafting skills and learn a few more things.  To that end, I've decided to sew more, not by going crazy with the most complicated garments but by spending time sewing simple things until I really feel confident in my skills -- and then, slowly add on to them, one by one.

Some people may think the remaking of the same garment to be quite boring, but I find it very therapeutic to sew something where I'm not trying to figure out every step but can simply just sew.  Enter the endless Wiksten tanks, Scout tees, and Everyday Skirts that have made up my summer wardrobe this year.

So -- I'm excited to venture into different fabrics and different constructions now.  For the Myrtle pattern, I decided to try sewing with voile -- a first for me!  I picked up two fabrics for the two versions of Myrtle I anticipate making.


Version 1 will be made of this soft Lisette voile that I bought (on clearance, yay!) at Joann's.  This seems like a rather lightweight and see-through fabric so I will need to add a lining to the back of this dress, as well as perhaps the skirt.  We'll see.

Version 2 will be made of this amazing Anna Maria Horner voile that I purchased at my personal mecca (Fancy Tiger Crafts in Denver).  This is the most perfect fabric for me, as I'm a Spanish teacher, and one of my life goals has been to dress just like The Friz.  This dress will bring me close ... the print (Banner Days voile) is based on the traditional paper craft called "papel picado".  I can't wait to wear this while we are cutting our own papel picado in class !  (Anyone know where to get some papel picado earrings ??)

The purchase of the AMH fabric actually led to the Lisette purchase as this AMH print is so beautiful, I am afraid of creating something disastrous.  So, the Lisette will be the trial-run, and the AMH will be the masterpiece.  Or, so I hope!

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