Sunday, May 20, 2012

{zakka style sew along} week 7 : a French weather primer a.k.a. rainy day mug rug

I've been dying to make this project for weeks ... 1) because I know by my calculations of when each week would happen that the school year would be almost done; and 2) because as soon as I saw the project in the book, I knew exactly how I would make it.  I saw the super cute little rainy day mug rug and knew that it needed something ... a face.  A cute face, with French knot eyes. 

So, I made a whole set of them.  There's a reason for the faces, and the phrases : as a French/Spanish teacher, whenever I teach the weather, I have this strange need to draw cute little faces on the clouds, the sun, etc, along with the phrases that they represent.  My "wind" face has a little circle mouth with swirls of wind coming out, but he didn't make it onto these mug rugs.  Instead, I have the question in French, "Quel temps fait-il?", or What's the weather like

His friends are "il fait beau", or it's beautiful;

another happy little guy is "il neige", or it's snowing;

and "il pleut" (it's raining) always has that little smirky face.  Why?  I bet you can guess which weather I like the least!

I backed the fabric with a random Eiffel Tower print I picked up, which I think reflects the gray wording on the front side.

One fits in perfectly with the sunny afternoon we've had here in Colorado today. 

Quel temps fait-il chez vous?  

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  1. Really love your take on this - what a lovely set!