Sunday, May 27, 2012

{zakka style sew along} week 8 : the zakka block quilt, a.k.a. the Parisville Quilt

I've been going crazy with the zakka style sew along ... it's been so much fun, and this week's project was no exception!  I will say, however, that this week just about did me in, with the school year ending and all of the insanity that comes along with that.  Or, should I say, that this week *saved* me from the end of the school year insanity?  Because though I had to find time to work this week in, it was a peaceful retreat at the end of each day!

And so I present you with this week's project : the zakka block quilt, a.k.a. the Parisville Quilt.   After coming across the walked quilted flickr group, I've decided that I'm going to have to start targeting picturesque spots that I can drag my husband to, so he can hold up my quilts, in the flickr group headless fashion.

I used Tula Pink's Parisville collection for this quilt, mainly because I succumbed to buying the entire set of fabric in 6" charms some time ago, and they ended up being perfect for this project!  (French teacher = anything with the word "Paris" in the title must be purchased!).

The solid sashing is Kona cotton in Champagne, a rather nice color.  It's darker than the usual Kona cottons I use but it definitely grew on me during the making of this quilt.  I used the same Kona on the binding, which I usually don't do (I love a good polka dot binding!), but inspired by the original in the book, I thought I'd try it.  I like it! It gives the entire quilt the look of a seamless canvas.

For the quilting, I mimicked the "fans" print of the collection and quilted some large scallops over the whole quilt.  Don't judge me based on the close-up ... I keep telling myself practice makes perfect with free motion quilting! :)

For the backing, I used the "cameo sprout" print, and I do think it's just about perfect.  Not quite wide enough, I added a strip of my remaining charm squares and a tad more Kona.  I love the back!

In all, I made this quilt in under a week -- and an insane week at that! -- so I'm *definitely* keeping this pattern in mind for any quick quilts that I need to make in the future.

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  1. Beautiful quilt, Jen. I'm amazed you got it all done in a week! Nice job on the free motion quilting and love the backing fabric too :)