Sunday, May 13, 2012

{zakka style sew along} week 6 : itty bitty quilted magnets

I have to admit that there are two things I'm really enjoying about the zakka style sew along :  1) that I've been challenged to do something I wouldn't normally spend my few crafty hours doing each week; and 2) that seeing all of the creative wealth of the other people who are working on the same projects has really pushed me into looking at my projects in a more creative way, as well.  This week's project, the itty bitty magnet project, was no exception!  With that, here are my little guys :

I generally don't care to make itty bitty things, though they are super cute.  This week's project definitely falls into that category : really cute, but not something I would generally make.  With that in mind, I finished three of the magnets, rather than all six ... and perhaps when I have more time this summer I'll revisit this project and make the rest of them. 

I used some Amy Butler Midwest Modern scraps that I have from another (unfinished) project.  After painfully finishing the open seam on the first magnet by slip stitching it closed, I opted to go for the cheater method on my other two magnets : I simply sewed it close to the edge with my machine.  The magnets are now happily residing on my fridge, next to some fabric covered magnets I made a while back.  They're happy together! 

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  1. (I cheated with all of mine! And I don't even feel guilty!) Yours are so cute!