Sunday, May 6, 2012

{zakka style sew along} week 5 : roy g biv pencil cases

I made an entire set of Roy G Biv pencil cases this week for the zakka style sew along ... unfortunately, "orange" had to sacrificed to the greater good of wrapping my head around how this case is constructed!  I assure you that I am generally good at spatial thinking, but for some reason* my brain wasn't functioning properly. 

Luckily I still had five other colors worth of pencil cases to construct, once I figured out how to make the pencil case -- and even better, I have a new and clever construction method under my belt, one that will come in handy in the future.

Here are my little cases ...

They are perfect for more than just pencils, namely crochet hooks and circular needles.  Surprisingly, they are NOT perfect for double pointed needles, as I imagined they might be ... [note to self : make another roy g biv set of these, only longer, to use for DPNs].   See the blue case on the left, how the case just doesn't quite close.

My pesky calico kitten (Trixie) had to jump into the photo session.  Of course she'll be forgiven ... I don't call myself the calico lover for nothing!  

*most likely the insanity of the end of the school year, which uses all my good brain cells up during the school week ;)

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  1. Great job! I've been reading through a lot of the links and it looks like the majority of us couldn't fully wrap our heads around the construction on the first try.

    Your cases are gorgeous!