Friday, May 4, 2012

finished quilt :: "turtle love"

A pregnant colleague/friend of mine saw an image on pinterest and asked me if I could sew it for her, as I'd previously made her first child a baby quilt, and she knew I was "crafty".  (Some people would be annoyed at that -- I love the opportuntity go make something for someone that they actually want -- it makes it that much more special!)  It turned out that it wasn't sewn at all -- it was a crocheted "turtle cape" used for photo props, and my friend has a deep love of all things turtle. 

At the last minute -- like, literally 11:30pm last night -- I finished it up, just in time to present it to her at her baby shower at work today.  {raveled here.} I have to admit, despite the fact that I'm not the best at following crochet directions, this did turn out super duper cute :

I also managed to finish quilting and binding the baby quilt I'd started during spring break.  [Note to self : don't quilt at the last minute, at night -- save that for when you're fresh!]  [The quilting leaves a little to be desired.] 

I used the same label technique I used on my previous quilt : I embroidered my name and year on one side, and "made with love" on the other, and added it as a tab.  Because I finished binding the quilt last night, too [procrastinator!], I totally forgot to insert it to the binding, and simply sewed it on this morning. 

 I'd be more distressed at these minor little imperfections if the whole gift hadn't turned out so darn cute.  The fact that I *did* manage to finish up the set at the last minute is okay, because it was really fun to see my friend open these gifts today at the shower!.

I really do love giving thing that are just cute!

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