Tuesday, March 27, 2012

spring break

It is spring break at our house and I've had a chance to get a few things done. First, I spent the better part of a day (that had really nothing else on the agenda but chores and laundry) setting up my blog. Yay! I once had a blog long long ago but gave it up when I went back to work. Those were the days of clunky blogs, clunkier uploading of photos, and clunkiest of all, my old computer. Because everything is so streamlined and quick and easy now, I have high hopes that I might be able to keep this habit up. We'll see!

Other projects included some baby quilts. The first is a quilt inspired by this adorable crocheted turtle cape and hat. The crocheted set were requested by the mom, but I had made her a quilt for her first baby ... so of course I had to make her another for her second! The greens and browns of the set inspired the baby quilt. A lack of turtle fabrics meant that I had to go with my old fabric standby for babies ... polka dots. Who doesn't love polka dots, I ask?

Here are the blocks before being put together ...

The second baby quilt is slightly whacked. Because we are pirates at my school, I wanted to go with a black/white/red pirate theme ... but because the dad is Mexican and the mom is my super trusty Spanish-speaking sub, I wanted to throw some calaveras in there as well. The result is what pirate-eating-calaveras would look like on crack ... I did throw in some reds on the last round of every other block to give *some* unity to the whole thing.

The mom will either love it ... or hide it.

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