Saturday, April 21, 2012

{zakka style sew along} week 3 : fraternal twin pincushions

On to week 3 of the zakka sew-along ... a cute pincushion which, to be completely honest, is about the last thing I need!  I have about five pincushions that I made a while ago on a pincushion kick that I use regularly.  So, I decided to make twin pincushions for two friends on my block who are also quilters.  They've been helping my cause of collecting selvages, because (unlike me) they see no use in hanging on to umpteen selvages from projects past.   So -- I set off to make them a pair of twin pincushions using selvage, as a "thank you" for their sharing their selvages with me. 

I decided to put a little phrase on the stamped patch, as I couldn't find a suitable stamp in my pitiful stamp collection and didn't feel like hunting down one at the local craft store.  I have one of those little tiny alphabet stamp sets, and I have to say that it's about the most useful stamp I've ever owned.  I use them all the time, both on paper and fabric!  For the words, I settled on "Ouch" and "Poke me" ... and each of the phrases then influenced the style of the pincushion ...

For my friend Jeanne's pincushion I added a button that I made years ago (like the fimo button on my recent house pouch), just for fun.

For my friend Lori's pincushion I added a button left over from this sweater that I knit ... (ahem) about six years ago.   I can't believe that this button has been in my stash since then!

For the backs ... the fraternal twins are actually identical!

I forgot to take a picture of the wool that I used as stuffing ... being a spinner, I actually have more wool than polyfiber filling in my house.  It seems to make a nice, stuffed feeling.  I like it!

I already can't wait for the next zakka project ...


  1. These are both very cute! Your friends will be so happy with them!

  2. I love your pincushions! I collect selvedges too and now I've seen your cute little zakka makes, I think I'll do something similar. I haven't joined the Sew Along as yet, but with each new project my fingers get the itch to stitch!