Wednesday, April 11, 2012

{zakka style sew along} week 2 : a pretty cute house pouch

So I saw the tote bag on the cover of the new book Zakka Style, and was sorely tempted to buy the book. I remembered how much I loved I Love Patchwork, the other book by the author, and was sorely tempted to buy the book.  Throw in a little sew-along, however, and it was a done deal -- I went to amazon and immediately snagged the book, sight unseen.

I love a good sew-along!

So -- here I am starting out at Week 2, the House Pouch.

I'd rather not focus on the many mistakes I made on this pouch, and instead highlight the things that went well :

First of all, it was really fun to break out of my zone and make a cute pouch.  I loved picking out the fabrics, and was especially glad to have a use for my pink tree bark fabric (Joel Dewberry) that I've been hoarding for some time.  I decided to give this to my daughter as a surprise, and though she doesn't love pink very much any more, I thought I could throw in enough green and blue to offset the pink door.  I had so much fun picking through my collection of vintage buttons, as well.  Instead of the lace between the roof and house, I simply used a decorative stitch to add a little interest.  I think I prefer that.

On the back, I decided to use a rather odd but fun button : it's a fimo clay button that I made ages and ages ago for a sweater that I knit for my daughter.  (If you go to the ravelry page, note that I added it to ravelry in 2011 ... I think it was more like circa 2004.)  It's my last of these buttons and I'm so glad it found a happy home.

For the inside, I simply continued with the green roof fabric.  It's nice to keep things simple sometimes!

Overall, I'd say it turned out to be a pretty cute house pouch.  Can't wait to do another project from the book!


  1. Love your house! The pink door is perfect. The whole thing is just super cute!

  2. Very cute - the pink zipper is the perfect colour, and the decorative stitching @ the roof is sweet - I love that the roof print continues in the lining :)

  3. Such a lovely pouch, that pink woodgrain fabric is great!