Monday, June 8, 2015

Finished top! : Wiksten #2 : the sugar skull version

I made another Wiksten top! I'm embarrassed to say that I made it ... a while ago.  (Last fall?) However, it hasn't been blogged, so I might as well get around to it, right?   This one was made from an awesome Alexander Henry print of sugar skulls, which translates to "calaveras" (which, not coincidentally, is the name of this print).  The skulls have gold glitter on them and I always get a ton of compliments when I wear this top. 

I may have mentioned before that, as a Spanish teacher, I love to wear Spanish-themed clothing in my classroom.  It may or may not be a secret that I really wish I were The Frizz.  I even wore this tank top during Me Made May, on the celebratory last day of the school year ... 

I made this one a smaller size than the first version.  While roomy and comfy, my husband complained that the first version looks like "a tent" on me and is not flattering.  I take his criticism very constructively (that is his intent, after all), and I sized down for this.    While I absolutely adore this top for summer wear, the slightly low neckline is a little too hubba-hubba for a high school teacher, which translates to being able to wear this to professional development days before school starts, or in the classroom - but with a scarf. ;)    Lesson learned!  Watch that pesky neckline in the future.  Meanwhile, I do enjoy wearing this top!

Project notes :
Pattern : Wiksten - Tank Top
Fabric : Alexander Henry "Calaveras"
Mods : Size medium - no mods


  1. Ahhh, the neckline issue. I think I had to raise the neckline on that Wiksten tank as well. It's really cute with that bright print.

    I read the comment you left on my blog today. Wow, I'm so impressed with all that you've made! Coincidentally I have made my first ever Hemlock tee today - woven. I had a feeling it wouldn't be big enough for me so there was a lot of basting and fudging going on but now I'm done and I love it! Will post about it soon.

    Looking forward to seeing your Hemlock tees and more!

  2. Always important to take husband critiques constructively! And helpful to have a second pair eyes on sewn garments. 😀