Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Woven Hemlock Tees #3 and #4 : the loominous and sheeeep versions

Shortly after making my previous two woven hemlock tees, I decided to cut into some more fabric for some more easy sewing time ... what really put me over the edge with this pattern is that I pulled out 1 1/2 yds of brand spanking new drool-worthy fabric (44" wide) and was able to finagle my way into cutting out the hemlock from this amount.  

Hemlock #3 : the "loominous" one ....

I bought this fabric when it first came out, mainly because I was super curious before I invested more in a more time-consuming, larger project.  I purchased only 1 1/2 yards (and, note to self, please start buying 2 yards of fabrics!).  This really set me back as the only projects I know I can reliably make with 1 1/2 yards are sorbetto tops, everyday skirts, and scout tees.  (No wonder I've made so many of those!)  So -- I whipped up a quick woven hemlock tee.

Needless to say -- this fabric is divine.  I love it -- it's soft, lightweight and perfect for summer garments.  There will definitely be more loominous projects in my future!

This fabric, called "Big Love," was really interesting to work with.  There are essentially no repeats (that I could see) so that means that I didn't stress too much about matching.  It made me think of the classic ACT analogies : "this to this is like that to that."  In this case, Noro is to the knitting world like Loominous is to the sewing world.  Unique, dreamy and the base for very unique projects.

Can't wait to dream up my next garment!

Hemlock #4 : the "sheeeep" shirt

I have to admit that I probably love sheep just a little more than the average American, and not just because I am a knitter.  It's the wooly goodness, the varieties of all the sheep out there, how cute the little lambies are ... I could go on and on.  So, I'm generally a goner when it comes to "sheep" stuff.  But this amazing Japanese double gauze fabric, put out by Yuwa, especially got to me with all the little sheeps running around being herded by the border collie sheep dog.  I especially love the title of the fabric itself -- "sheeeeep".  (Try saying that in a sheepy voice and you might understand why I'm off in the search of more colorways of this line.)

It turned out, of course, as an incredible woven hemlock tee. I can't decide if I'd rather make an evening dress so that I feel like I'm wearing pajamas at fancy events (wearing sheep, of course), or just make an entire pajama set and be done with it.

I leave you with sheepy goodness.  Yes, this is me, wearing my sheeeep shirt, hangin' with a bunch of sheep, at the Estes Park Wool Market this past weekend.  Fun was had by all, and yes, there was some stash enhancement.   :)

Pattern : Hemlock Tee, in woven fabrics
Mods : the Loominous shirt was cut about 2-3" shorter to accommodate the limited yardage.  I like the shorter length!


  1. Those rock! Might have to pick up some loominous for a project soon. Such a cool oversized plaid.

    1. Thanks, Noelle! The loominous is very soft & lightweight. I love it!

  2. Oh I love both of these. The first for the colours (I must look for this line) and the second for the sheepies (cute factor)!

    More hemlocks? I just cut out two yesterday. I am in the cutting mode at the moment!

    1. Can't wait to see your next two hemlocks!