Sunday, February 22, 2015

continental blouse #1 : the wearable muslin

So, now that I'm sewing for myself more (and a 2015 goal is to put more wearables into my handmade wardrobe), I thought I'd venture out of my scout tee and everyday skirt comfort zone into the world of the umpteen patterns I've purchased but not used.  There are several patterns I'm dying to try in the Liesl & Co range -- the Cappuccino dress, Bistro dress and Late Lunch Tunic come to mind.  Some digging around on the internets led me to the fact that the Cappuccino dress is an update to the now-out-of-production Liesette pattern for Simplicity, pattern 2245, the Portfolio Tunic.   I realized, then, that I had bought this paper pattern ages ago -- and while digging around my stash I also found the Simplicity pattern #2059, aka Continental pieces, as well.

I thought I'd start with the Continental blouse ... then move on to the Portfolio outfit ... and then start sewing through the Liesl & Co. patterns that I still want to make.  (This might take me the better part of 2015!)

So -- here is my first version of the Continental blouse, in a wearable muslin (aka, Country Classics navy blue purchased for $2.50/yard).  I'm pretty please that it turned out pretty well on my first try, and was incredible easy to put together.  If it doesn't work out, the two yards or $5.00 investment won't be too much of a disappointment.  I think that in a different fabric, the gathering at the back will hang very nicely -- until then, in a heavier cotton, they do have a bit of a poofy look.

However, given that this is such a super easy sew and that I love the look of the gathers on the back, I think I'll stick with this for a few more garments before moving on.  I loved that I was able to use certain details that I learned from my Scout Tee(s) such as french seaming the insides (including the armscyes), as well as the bias binding on the neck.  A different print on the bias binding on the neck gives a nice, special touch.

I'm also so glad that my 2011-self thought of purchasing these Lisette patterns on a super craft store sale, so that my 2015-self could make them up.  Sometimes it pays off to be a bit of a hoarder! :)

I'd like to make this longer in the future (more of a tunic length) and maybe try some of the Liesl-suggested variations.  I also think I'll size down next time around - this one is rather roomy.

Notes :
Pattern : Continental Blouse by Lisette
Fabric : Country Classics cheap cotton
Mods : None - Size 16 made.  Next time - I'll cut a size 14. 
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  1. Great top! The gathered detail on the back is really nice. I often have to make a pattern 3 times before I'm completely satisfied.