Wednesday, January 1, 2014

of resolutions and knitting things ...

So, I've decided to make an impossible New Year's resolution to at least try to keep this blog updated, and to try to at least keep an online journal of the things I've made.  That's kind of the point of blogging, right?

So - to that end - I have a family of hats to document.  I made this set of hats, plus a mauve-ish colored hat, for my friend from high school who has since become my oral surgeon.  Ironically, I don't live in the same community where I grew up, but Terry and I both have settled down near the University we both attended.  As fate would have it, not only was Terry my friend while working at Arby's, and my junior prom date, but he's also now extracting teeth from my mouth.  Fate can be funny sometimes, right?

Here is a family set of Vermonter hats ... sized from adult to child, based on everyone's favorite colors.  (Terry sarcastically requested mauve, so I of course made him one, but figured he could trade with his wife, who received the black hat.)

Pattern : The Vermonter (free)
(for sale on etsy here if you don't knit!)
Yarn : Lion Thick & Quick
Ravelry : project page here

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