Sunday, October 21, 2012

finished quilt! : Dr. Seuss Charm Squares Quilt

I've been mysteriously absent from my blog ... it doesn't mean I haven't been making stuff, but more like I haven't finished any stuff!  I've started a new job that keeps me just a little too busy, but that's neither here nor there so let me show you something I actually finished ...

A baby quilt!  My daughter has a teacher who just had a baby this year (she's on maternity leave, to be returning shortly to the classroom), and I love using book-themed fabric for book lovers.

I love Elizabeth's updated Charm Squares Baby Quilt pattern which includes a twin size quilt.  I'm going to make that bigger version one day!   In the meanwhile, I offer you the Walking Quilted photo of the finished quilt :

And a close-up of the quilt :

I'm especially proud of the free motion quilting that I did where I attempted to quilt in the names of all of Dr Seuss' book titles in the white strip portion.  Can you read the "Dr Seuss and ..." here? :

I loved the fabric I used for the binding, a new addition to the line-up at Joann's, and a pretty nice quality fabric to boot.  (I see myself stocking up on this.)  I did my usual tab-style quilt label, though this was my first experimental one which ended up too large, but then I ran out of time so I grabbed it & used it anyway.

Hooray for finishing something!  It's been sent off and has a happy new home.

Wonder if I can mange to scrounge up a few more finished objects to post here?  In the meanwhile I hope your finishing goes well. :)

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